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Consultingwerk supports both application partners and end customers by providing consulting services for every phase of application development and modernisation projects throughout the lifetime of a business application.

We are the leading provider of independent OpenEdge development tools for application modernisation, application architecture, OpenEdge GUI for .NET, Mobile and Web applications.

Our comprehensive consulting services include coaching, mentoring, training, technology, architecture assessment, prototyping, framework design and software development.

What We Do

Are you looking for help with your projects and want hands-on involvement to ensure the success of your projects? With over 15 years of experience we support you with Consulting Services in order to deliver on time and on budget.

Let experts guide you to define, create and optimize your projects.

Transform your legacy applications using the latest technologies like UI/UX, mobile, web.

Build innovative solutions and bring your vision to life.

The SmartComponent Library helps to protect your investment in your OpenEdge based application. The framework is designed to modernize existing OpenEdge applications and to provide the foundation of new projects – in the cloud and on premise. The architecture of the SmartComponent Library greatly simplifies integration with future technologies and the implementation of new business requirements.

SmartComponent Library

OpenEdge Modernization Acceleration

Consultingwerk is partnering with Progress Software in the "Modernization Acceleration" campaign. Together we are providing support in planning and execution of application modernization projects through services and tools.

Too find out more how we can support you, please follow this link to the campaign website and read the white paper on modernization drivers and strategies and support we can provide.


PUG Challenge 2024

Save the Date for PUG Challenge 2024 in Prague!

PUG Challenge - Boston

The PUG Challenge - Boston will take place 29th September - 2nd October 2024 in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.

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