Consultingwerk - Consultingwerk goes North America

Consultingwerk goes North America

We are excited to announce that we are increasing our footprint by offering our professional services to modernize OpenEdge applications to our customers in North America directly out of the US.

Since our founding in 2006 Consultingwerk has been known as the premier provider of consulting and mentoring services for organizations developing and modernizing OpenEdge applications. We have a proven track-record of supporting our clients in solving modernization challenges and simplifying the integration of new technologies in a wide variety of software development projects.

With the SmartComponent Library, the most up-to-date, comprehensive, robust, modular and flexible full stack modernization framework, you can gradually modernize existing OpenEdge TTY or GUI applications to N-Tier and a modern Desktop or Web user interface.

From our offices in Cologne (Germany) and our subsidiaries in UK and Romania, we have been supporting customers all over Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia.

Since earlier this year, we have started to build up a presence in the USA to better support customers in North America.

With Peter Judge, a very experienced Software Architect with 25+ years of experience with OpenEdge and all the latest features and related technology, we are able to support our customers and partners directly from the US with services such as:

  • Application modernization, modernization assessment, analysis of existing applications to verify if the existing application can serve as a foundation for a modernization Prototyping
  • OpenEdge GUI to distributed desktop or web applications
  • Migrating classical AppServer and WebSpeed to PASOE
  • Skill assessment of customers developer team and proposal of training and mentoring efforts in preparation of a modernization
  • Introduction of DevOps techniques, SCM, build and test automation
  • Software development

Peter has used Progress technologies since 1996, on a variety of applications and systems, spanning the whole SLDC. He has worked on developing business applications, on designing and building components, libraries and frameworks, and has helped both large and small customers upgrade to PASOE.

In addition to Peter, we can rely on a network of freelancers and partners to support our customers and partners and are actively looking out to hire additional developers and architects to extend our team in the US. Out of Europe our consultants and developers will assist on projects in North America as well.

Expanding our business to North America in order to work more closely together with our customers and partners, means a lot to us.

For more information: Call us (800)420-9608 or send us a note at