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Consulting Services

If you are using Progress OpenEdge applications speak with us.  

With over 15 years of experience Consultingwerk offers the services which help companies to develop, modernize and operate OpenEdge systems to increase customer satisfaction, enhance flexibility, lower risk, and reduce operational costs.  

Consulting Services people We perform assessments of existing applications, system setups and development teams. An assessment of the status quo is typically the first step supporting the building of a strategy that will modernize your team, your projects, and the organization to allow to increase efficiency and market changes.  

We provide coaching and mentoring services to OpenEdge developers with the goal to maximize the efficiency of their work and enabling the use of modern development techniques, latest features of tools and platforms used such as OpenEdge and the ABL. We can provide standardized or tailored training classes or certification. We understand software development as a craftmanship that demands permanent reinforcement to excel. 

We support developers to adopt size-to-fit agile methodologies and support you on the complete route of agile transformation of your organization with our certified scrum masters. 

Together with your development team or isolated from your ongoing development and maintenance tasks we can design modernization strategies for your application. We can validate the strategies and support estimating modernization efforts through the development of prototypes and provide advice and the selection and customization or implementation of tools to facilitate the modernization process. 

With our consultants based in Germany, the Netherlands, England, Romania, the Czech Republic, and the USA, we are supporting organizations all over Europe and globally.

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Please download the Consulting Services datasheet as PDF here.