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DevOps Services

DevOps Services
DevOps is not the primary concern for every organization – as it does not add any story points to the software you deliver to your users or customers. Yet, DevOps is a very important aspect of agility and reliability of every software development organization.

DevOps is everywhere today, from enabling sprint-teams to work at maximum velocity, maintaining and keeping complex development environments up to date, management of test and staging environments and deployment into production environments on premise, remote or in the cloud and everywhere in between.

Without DevOps the ever-increasing complexity of today’s software configurations is practically unmanageable.

DevOps is the bridge between Development and Operations

DevOps Services In close cooperation with the expert DBA’s and software architects at Consultingwerk our DevOps consultants offer unique services with relation to: OpenEdge development infrastructure / sandboxed development / SCM / build pipelines / automated QA / release delivery and deployment and the operation and maintenance of production systems.

We have experience with Windows, Web Client, Web Applications, Unix, Linux, Docker based deployments from legacy host based TTY applications, client-server, distributed AppServer applications, to modern SmartComponent Library based applications and silo/domain driven PASOE deployments in complex environments.

We can support our customers maintaining high standards on subjects like software traceability and software audits. We work efficiently to reach the most optimal Time To Market by using state-of-the art standards like continuous integration / continuous delivery / continuous deployment / online Deployment of PASOE AppServers and/or database changes.

Our DevOps consultants are experienced in fulfilling all requirements for an agile development factory architecture. Where developers work in parallel in isolated sandbox workspaces, software is automatically built, delivered to a software depot and deployed to system integration tests -> User Acceptance Test -> Production and Fail Over. Where unit tests are automatically executed for each commit, where Integration Tests run automatically on the System Integration Test Server. We implement tailored build pipelines based on our mature set of script templates.