Progress OpenEdge Monitoring with ProTop

Detect and correct issues before they affect your business-critical processes

ProTop is an interactive monitoring and alerting tool for your OpenEdge environment. Whether you need to monitor one database on one server or hundreds of databases, AppServers, WebSpeed, Tomcat and other resources spread around the world, the ProTop dashboard gives you real-time visibility into the state of your business-critical application components. We’ve combined our 30 years of experience with data from widely scattered sources to give you a coordinated and insightful view of all the important metrics.


Any Device. Anywhere.

Easily access the ProTop web dashboard using your favourite device. At work, at home or on the road, the status of your OpenEdge environment is never more than a click away.

MONITOR availability, performance, capacity and readiness.

Consistent, coordinated and correlated
REAL TIME VIEW of database activity.

FASTER more accurate identification of


Intuitive Dashboard

Our color-coded web and mobile dashboards give you an instant, at-a-glance view of the status of your monitored resources. Use the graph view to see trends over weeks and months or zoom in to the minutes when a problem was affecting your business.

INFORMATION when and where you need it, with local, web and mobile user interfaces.

Fully customizable ALERTS with multiple alert levels, nag intervals and scriptable actions.

Quickly IDENTIFY and CORRECT code issues in development before they affect production.


Fully Customizable Alerts

Alert configuration is fast, easy and flexible. Set one alert level or escalate with multiple thresholds associated with different severity levels. Keep the noise level to a minimum with custom nag intervals. Scriptable actions allow you to automate responses to specific alerts.

Charts and graphs to show you trends and pinpoint opportunities to OPTIMIZE capacity and resource utilization.

Fast and SIMPLE. Our tiny footprint, lightweight agents and text-based configuration make ProTop a breeze to configure.

HEARTBEAT feature monitors the monitor.

Why companies choose ProTop

Clear ROI

Enterprise Monitoring for OpenEdge

Increased Productivity

The average hourly downtime cost in 2017 was over $300,000. ProTop’s proactive approach minimizes the risk of unexpected outages and helps provide quicker resolutions if they do occur.


Based on our 30+ years of Progress expertise, we have built a tool to proactively monitor your enterprise system. Whether you’re monitoring 1 or 1000 databases, ProTop is unmatched when it comes to monitoring OpenEdge environments.

Help streamline day-to-day database management tasks, so your staff can focus on their primary activities. ProTop will alert your team when attention is needed. Empower your people with a world class monitoring solution that is focused on prevention and minimizing downtime that can affect your business.

Hosted in Europe

Integration of Application Metrics

ProTop is hosted within the European Union. This guarantees that no data from our customers ever leaves the European Union. Our team is located in Germany and the United Kingdom so that we can ensure fast reactions to any technical support enquiry – may it be an issue with the setup of the monitoring of your database or a problem with the operation of your database.

We can support you with the implementation of application specific metrics allowing you to compare business KPIs (e.g. number of orders processed) with the impact on system performance. Customers using the SmartComponent Library framework will be able to leverage an out of the box integration.

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Are you interested in additional service and support? We offer:

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