Consultingwerk - AppServer to PASOE migration

AppServer to PASOE migration

Progress Software has released OpenEdge 12. While significantly improved database performance and container-based deployments are huge incentives for upgrading to OpenEdge 12, Progress Software has discontinued the classic AppServer and WebSpeed in OpenEdge 12.

From a product management point of view, we can certainly understand this decision, however for customers using the classic AppServer or WebSpeed this may require some changes and could cause challenges. While in general AppServer and ABL client code does not require wide-reaching changes to be ported from the classic AppServer to PASOE, some minor code changes may be required here and there. A potential risk may be that PASOE is only supported on 64-bit platforms, so that usage of Windows API’s from within the AppServer application may require changes.

WebSpeed applications – especially when based on customizations – may require more code changes. Classic WebSpeed applications are supported through a compatibility Web Handler which may need to be adjusted to specific requirements.

Administration of the AppServer will require changes. As PASOE is based on the Tomcat infrastructure, it uses a completely different set of configuration files and command line utilities for interacting with the AppServer. Certain monitoring functions are provided as REST API’s only.

The advantages of the Tomcat infrastructure are large, including the ability to plug in Spring Security natively, greatly enhancing the security and robustness of your application.

Consultingwerk has deep experience with using both the classic AppSever and WebSpeed as well as PASOE. We can support customers during the administration and development of OpenEdge AppServer applications.

We offer our customers a five phase support package for migrating from classic AppServer and WebSpeed to PASOE

Phase 1

  • Review source code of ABL client

  • Review source code of AppServer application

  • Review usage of other AppServer interfaces (SOAP, REST, .NET, Java, JMS)

  • Review AppServer management and database backup scripts

  • Review platform support requirements

  • Review security features (authentication, authorization)

  • Advise about additional PASOE features that may be used

Phase 2

  • Upgrade OpenEdge and configure development tools and runtime components (e.g. staging area)

  • Adjust AppServer administration scripts and implement replacements for missing AppServer management API’s (e.g. asbman -query) with command line utilities provided by Consultingwerk

Phase 3

  • Implement required code changes or interface changes

  • ABL client-side code changes, implement changes required due to new AppServer state models

  • AppServer side code changes

  • Replace selected external interfaces with PASOE Web

  • Handles if applicable and advised

  • Reimplement WebSpeed customizations

  • Perform other required code changes

Phase 4

  • Review the build process of the appserver(s)

  • Redevelop the deployment process of the appserver(s)

  • Redevelop production startup / shutdown scripts (on Windows create and configure system services, on UNIX configure the daemon)

  • (Optional) Setup Load Balancing for the PASOE

Phase 5

  • Testing of the deployment

  • Testing of the Application on PASOE

  • Testing PASOE Application for memory leaks

  • Tuning of the AppServer application

  • Documentation of changes and handing over to customer staff

  • Introduction of PASOE maintenance to customer staff

Our offer for AppServer to PASOE migration

AppServer migration may be performed along with an OpenEdge version upgrade or not. PASOE is available from OpenEdge 11.5 on (WebSpeed features from OpenEdge 11.6 on). We strongly recommend every customer that prefers to stay on OpenEdge 11 to upgrade to OpenEdge 11.7.4 ASAP.

Our offer is to provide a 3 days assessment first. During this assessment we will start with the review of the AppServer application and perform a high-level estimate of the whole migration process. During those 3 days we may already perform many of the tasks described inphases 1 – 5. After three days we will provide an estimate of the remaining migration efforts. At this time the customer can decide if they would like to continue or not with the migration with us or to continue on their own without any further obligation. However, we would be happy to support the customer during the complete migration to PASOE.

Interested? Please contact us for a tailored offer for your classic AppServer and WebSpeed to PASOE migration.

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