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The SmartComponent Library

The OpenEdge Modernization Framework for Desktop, Web and Mobile!

The SmartComponent Library is the developer’s framework for OpenEdge on the Desktop, the Web and Mobile. The framework was designed to meet the demands of the classic ABL developer as well as object-oriented purists. The framework provides the architecture required to build modern, future proof applications today and facilitates integration with and modernization of existing OpenEdge applications.

Data and application logic is equally consumed by our own frontend technology, partner frontends and service consumers (REST, RESTful, SOAP, JMS, …). User interfaces can be designed depending on specific requirements either using our user own user interface repository and WYSIWYG based tooling or with the native tools for the target platform (e.g. OpenEdge GUI for .NET, Angular or NativeScript) - and of course a mix of both.

The SmartComponent Library is based on the OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA) and was the first framework to implement the Common Component Specification (CCS) thus allowing the flexible reuse of business logic in any kind of user interface or consumer, facilitating and improving the capabilities of the object-oriented ABL. The framework is successfully used by developers in teams of literally any size – from single developer projects to multi-national distributed developer teams. It provides rich functionality both at design time and at runtime and allows integration with existing frameworks while providing flexible customization options. Together with our partners around the globe we are supporting customers in all aspects of application development. SmartComponent Library

Latest features include:

  • Dynamic Tables – allowing the end user to extend the data schema and services provided by the Application are runtime and to design user interface components on the fly.
  • Status based workflows – allowing the definition of workflows known from DMS systems or task management applications like JIRA. The workflows controls allowed status transition and can trigger functionality on either the backend or the user interface as needed.
  • User authentication based on social authentication providers such as Microsoft Office 365, Google, facebook or the like. Social authentication providers combine user-friendliness as well as increased security.
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Future Proof Your OpenEdge Development

The SmartComponent Library helps to protect your investment in your OpenEdge based application. The framework is designed to enhance existing OpenEdge applications and to facilitate development of new applications. The architecture of the SmartComponent Library greatly simplifies integration with future technologies and the implementation of new business requirements.

Tools to Ensure Your Productivity!

The application backend is built using the roundtrip capable Business Entity Designer that allows flexible template-based code generation both for the application front- and backend. The tool can be easily extended using ABL based plug-ins. The framework is tightly integrated into the development tools provided by Progress to ensure ultimate developer productivity. From ABL developers for ABL developers. The SmartComponent Library provides out of the box integration with Kendo UI Builder for OpenEdge and simplifies the development of responsive web applications. Most recent additions to the toolset include an Eclipse based ERD (Entity relation diagram) designer which supports the database design process as well as configuration of framework features such as referential integrity and extended meta schema properties such as standard description fields.

OpenEdge GUI for .NET

The SmartComponent Library was developed to provide a productive and flexible development environment for GUI for .NET. The framework provides wizards integrated into Visual Designer that speed up development without limiting the possibilities of .NET UI technology – no matter if you are using Infragistics/OpenEdge UltraControls or Progress Software/ Telerik RadControls or any other 3rd party control set.

Angular Web Applications

The SmartComponent Library Angular client provides simple template based or data driven development of web and tablet applications based on Telerik Kendo UI, Angular and TypeScript without requiring our clients to deal with the complexity of integrating those technologies to build responsive web applications. User interface components can be defined and combined using a variety of options: Kendo UI Builder, annotations in your Business Logic, our repository database or leveraging the flexibility of Angular directives directly in HTML5 code. All applications leverage our proven components for navigation, data entry and validation.

Mobile Applications

The SmartComponent Library simplifies the development of hybrid or native mobile applications by seamlessly exposing application components to any JSDO or RESTful consumer. The SmartComponent Library seamlessly integrates with the Telerik Platform, NativeScript and other mobile development platforms. Developers using the SmartComponent Library will be able to leverage their experience between web and mobile development. The same OpenEdge backend can be used by Desktop UI’s, web and mobile.

Standardized Interfaces

The SmartComponent Library provides numerous standards based interface which allow the reuse of application logic and components from a number of consumers including RESTful and HATEOAS, SOAP, JMS. Self-provisioned API documentation using standard tools such as Swagger is provided out of the box.

Optional to Use Application Framework

The SmartComponent Library includes the optionally used SmartFramework; a modular application framework providing among many other features authentication, flexible authorization, localization, role-based menu and a flexible batch scheduler supporting both long running asynchronous jobs and repetitive job execution patterns. The application framework features can be leveraged by all our frontend options as well as your own code.

Application Modernization and Refactoring

The SmartComponent Library is equipped with a plethora of extensible application modernization tools to support the refactoring of legacy ABL GUI and TTY code into GUI for .NET and web user interfaces and backend business logic components.

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