Product News

Simplified Tooling for Managing PASOE Instances During Development and in Production

19 February 2018

As part of the SmartComponent Library, we have released scripts that simplify the management of PASOE instances. These scripts allow to query the status and various statistics and support trimming all running PASOE agent processes from the command line. This will reduce the number of times developers and administrators will have to login to OpenEdge management to perform the same tasks and simplifies automated management processes and will result in the same command line capabilities known from the classic OpenEdge AppServer product.

Developers will find technical information here.

Release of the Angular 5 Based Kendo UI Client for the SmartComponent Library

10 February 2018

We are delighted to announce the release of our Angular 5 based web client for SmartComponent Library based applications. The SmartComponentsNG simplifies the development of browser based applications supporting responsive layouts that work equally will on desktop PC’s and mobile devices. The SmartComponentsNG integrates the Progress JSDO component to access standard SmartComponent Library Business Entities on either the PASOE or classic AppServers. Developers can leverage both easy to use development tools supporting drag and drop based graphical screen design but equally well use common text based editors for Angular and TypeScript applications.
The SmartComponentsNG components are available free of charge to our SmartComponent Library customers under active maintenance. Developers will find technical information here.

We support customers during prototyping and with a training class as well as with development and mentoring services.

Announcing CCS Compatibility of the SmartComponent Library

17 October 2017

We are delighted to announce full compatibility of the SmartComponent Library with all CCS (Common Component Specification) specifications. The CCS project provides the framework for partners like Consultingwerk and Progress Software to define standards for the architecture of OpenEdge based business applications. The SmartComponent Library is the first framework to comply with all available specifications. This ensures compatibility of applications based on the SmartComponent Library with various user interface options provided by Progress Software as well as tight integration of backend components with OpenEdge infrastructure. As of OpenEdge 11.7.2 for instance, the SmartComponent Library service manager will be used to manage the life cycle and access to PASOE Web Handlers.

RESTful Interfaces for all SmartComponent Library Business Entities

24 September 2017

Following our steady demand to provide up to date interfaces to Business Applications developed using the SmartComponent Library framework we’re proud to announce a complete implementation of RESTful interfaces including HATEOAS style cross references between resources. Our implementation complies with Level 3 of the REST maturity model. Based on annotations in the Business Logic components it is now possible to define with components or request should be exposed as RESTful resources without the need to develop a single line of additional code. We support URI’s like /web/Salesreps/BBB/Customers?City=Cologne or /web/Customers/42.

The RESTful interfaces are available free of charge to our SmartComponent Library customers under active maintenance. Developers will find technical information here.

RESTful interfaces are currently supported on PASOE AppServers of OpenEdge 11.6 and 11.7.