Consultingwerk - The Consultingwerk Telemetry Toolkit

The Consultingwerk Telemetry Toolkit

The Consultingwerk Telemetry Toolkit is an add-on library that allows any OpenEdge application to gain detailed and meaningful insights into the operation and performance of their business logic running on the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge (PASOE) as well as the classic OpenEdge AppServer.

The Consultingwerk Telemetry Toolkit is the stand-alone version of the Telemetry Toolkit included and integrated into the SmartComponent Library.

The Consultingwerk Telemetry Toolkit consists of the SmartComponent Library Telemetry Service and its dependencies, procedures that allow the toolkit to bootstrap itself, and various code that performs the measurement of requests made to the AppServer. A standalone GUI viewer for Windows Desktops that visualizes and allows to filter the telemetry data is included, although the data produced can easily be consumed by any Application Performance Management (APM) tool.

The Telemetry Toolkit gathers basic information when any request is made to an AppServer. This includes a unique identifier for the request, the request’s execution time, the current user and domain and the service interface called (i.e. the first program run in the request). Data for each request is written into a file, using a standard NDJSON format.

Due to the varied nature of applications – in terms of things like authentication, toolkits and frameworks used, application architectures and error handling - each application should be instrumented to capture additional, relevant data using the Telemetry Service.

This data may include, for example:

  • Errors and stop conditions raised on while executing a request,
  • The URI and HTTP method for the request,
  • What ABL queries are being run,
  • VST data on those queries’ executions
  • The name of the service being run (as opposed to the service interface), and potentially the requested function/method
Applications may add any amount of additional data to the telemetry data being recorded; clearly care should be taken, when sending telemetry data to any third-party service, to avoid confidential or private data.

The Consultingwerk Telemetry Toolkit gathers data for all AppServer requests that are handled by an AVM, including the APSV protocol (ABL- and open-clients), WEB (including WebSpeed), REST and SOAP. Consultingwerk provides documentation and samples on how best to instrument applications.

For SmartComponent Library based applications, Consultingwerk provides full instrumentation of the Telemetry Service out of the box.

The Consultingwerk Telemetry Toolkit offers multiple customization options, from formatting the output data, to the output location. By default an NDJSON-formatted file is appended on each request, but it may be desirable for that data to be sent to a Cloud-based service. The pluggable architecture of the Telemetry Toolkit makes this kind of customization simple.

Consultingwerk provides out of the box integration with the intelligent data analytics platform InMyData ( to gather insights and long term trending of the telemetry data.

The Consultingwerk Telemetry Toolkit is designed to work with the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge (PASOE), but can also work with applications running on Classic AppServer and Classic WebSpeed servers.
Do you want to learn more?
Please download the Consultingwerk Telemetry Toolkit datasheet as PDF here.