Our Partners

We are proudly collaborating with a strong network of experienced partners to deliver our customers professional services in every phase in the life time of software development and deployment.


Progress offers the leading platform for developing and deploying strategic business applications. We enable customers and partners to deliver modern, high-impact digital experiences with a fraction of the effort, time and cost. Progress offers powerful tools for easily building adaptive user experiences across any type of device or touchpoint, the flexibility of a cloud-native app dev platform to deliver modern apps, leading data connectivity technology, web content management, business rules, secure file transfer, network monitoring, plus award-winning machine learning that enables cognitive capabilities to be a part of any application. Over 1,700 independent software vendors, 100,000 enterprise customers, and two million developers rely on Progress to power their applications.
Learn about Progress at www.progress.com.


AKIOMA Software develops solutions for the sales of complex products which need explanation. The main target is to simplify and accelerate processes. They focus on the creation and management of complex offers, product management and the codeless deployment of web-based product configurators. All AKIOMA products are available in the cloud, as hybrid or private cloud.

Akioma and Consultingwerk have been collaborating for many years now. The AKIOMA SWAT Framework for rich web applications is based on the Consultingwerk SmartComponentLibrary framework and provides an additional frontend option to our customers.


Flusso is a Dutch-based company that delivers IT consultancy, projects and outsourcing to companies in Europe. They deliver expertise in application development, integration, architecture and front-end development and have a wide range of technical knowledge and skills in the field of the Progress Software portfolio (e.g. OpenEdge, Corticon, Telerik Kendo UI, Telerik Native Script). Flusso has knowledge and experience in IT architecture and modernization, combined with knowledge and experience of (backend, legacy) transactional systems and knows how to use them with a user-friendly interface on web and mobile platforms

Flusso has provided development services to our own tool development and provides professional services to our customers using the SmartComponent Library framework in collaboration with our own professional services team.


Wayfare delivers cost-effective nearshoring solutions that are innovative and flexible to their customers. By this they support them to make the difference in their market. Wayfare aims to foster an internal environment of innovation, collaboration, and trust.

Wayware supports the full life cycle for development, support and maintenance of applications and software programs. They have a strong focus on the Progress portfolio with extensive knowledge of OpenEdge, Corticon, OE-BPM, OE-Mobile, Rollbase, Sitefinity and of course of the SmartComponent Library of Consultingwerk.

White Star Software

With 30 years' experience architecting, writing and managing Progress-based applications, White Star Software offers independent, experienced expertise in all aspects of software development and database management.

Consultingwerk and White Star Software are collaborating in delivering top class development, modernization and deployment services.

Consultingwerk is European redistributor of the DBAppraise Database monitoring solution and service.

Paul Guggenheim & Associates

Paul Guggenheim & Associates (PGA) has over 30 years of experience in writing business applications and training IT professionals in the Progress community. Throughout their history, they have built their reputation on providing the highest quality Progress consulting services and training for an extremely competitive cost, thereby receiving the highest level of satisfaction from their customers.

Paul Guggenheim & Associates (PGA) is the North American Consultingwerk partner specializing in application modernization using the SmartComponent Library.


Vidisolve is a provider of software and programming services with a focus on the development and support of custom solutions. They supply the Progress OpenEdge market in Southern Africa with development, maintenance and database administration skills.

Vidisolve partners with Consultingwerk to provide local support and services for the SmartComponent Library and SmartComponent Framework products in Southern Africa. They also assist Consultingwerk customers in South Africa and Namibia with the adoption of the SmartComponent Library and the SmartComponent Framework.

Acorn IT

Acorn IT delivers implementation services for the Sitefinity content management system and development services for various framework components and tooling.

Acorn IT partners with Consultingwerk in the areas of development and web technologies. Acorn IT also supports Consultingwerk in building modules for the SmartComponent Library.

Consultingwerk proudly redistributes the Zalmoxis Entity Relationship Designer (ERD) to our SmartComponent Library customers.

Riverside Software

Riverside Software provides technical expertise and tools in build automation, continuous integration and source code analysis since 2007, some of them being standards in the OpenEdge community, used by both small and large development teams around the world.

The adoption of the best practices in continuous integration and the SmartComponent Library of Consultingwerk has helped many customers modernize their OpenEdge application.