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Understand the state of your legacy application: free one-day onsite consultation

Looking to reshape your OpenEdge applications? Are you interested in a modern architecture, Web, Mobile and UX? These will transform the future of business applications and their architecture and reshape how application development and delivery teams build and buy business apps.

Consultingwerk offers application modernisation services that help you to modernise your legacy systems to increase customer satisfaction, enhance flexibility, lower risk, and reduce operational costs. We enable you to address issues in the legacy system such as multiple technology platforms, high cost of maintenance, unsupported systems, lack of integration, and Web capabilities.

Our services include: assessment, analysis, training, coaching and implementation. Our Smart Component Library and over 15 years of experience in this space position us to provide established methodologies for our customers. The SmartComponent Library is the standards compliant framework for OpenEdge GUI for .NET, Angular, Kendo UI, mobile devices, RESTful clients, OpenEdge BPM and Corticon designed to modernise existing OpenEdge applications as well as to provide the foundation for new projects – in the cloud and on premise.

Our free one-day onsite consultation will enable you to understand the current state of your legacy application. We will work with you to determine your business and technical needs and demonstrate which architecture and technology solutions would best suit your objectives and requirements.