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Application Development

Application Developement

We develop software too! Consultingwerk is experienced in supporting and extending our customers developer teams or implementing whole applications or modules based on your requirements or detailed specifications. Our development services are backed by our team of experienced consultants, coaches and software architects.

Application Development We can take over the complete implementation of lighthouse projects or prototypes introducing new technologies like web or mobile applications or integration with 3rd party applications. We ensure rapid implementation without impacting your day-to-day development or maintenance routine. We can develop to standards defined by you, remotely or on site, using our project management and SCM tools or yours. Together with the delivery of the finished implementation we can provide the hand-over to your development team and provide ongoing maintenance if demanded.

Besides implementation of new functional or technological requirements we perform application refactoring, bug fixing or improvements to existing applications.

Our team includes senior to junior application developers experienced in all aspects of OpenEdge application development from host-based TTY, GUI, GUI for .NET, distributed Application Server, or the implementation of headless services or related frontend, web and mobile technologies such as JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, NativeScript and the various Telerik products. We have developers and architects experienced in .NET, .NET core, Razor, Blazor or Java.

Our network of partners allows us to extend our own development resources if needed with developers we have worked with personally in the past – in our direct neighborhood or near-shore.

We provide developers and development teams for short and long term projects. Teams and projects can be managed by us or your own staff.