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What is impact of removing adecomm from SCL ?

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  1. Carl Verbiest
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    12 Oct 2018
    26 May 2020
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    RTB fails to work correctly when the SCL adecomm directory is in the propath.

    We always do an extractpl adecomm in the OpenEdge installation directory, the regular OpenEdge adecomm is present in our propath during compile.

    I'm wondering what the impact would be if I remove the SCL adecomm directory from our RTB workspaces.

    I found that most files do not have any significant differences, I guess they are present for environment that do not extract adecomm in %DLC%\src

    as-utils.w : Improved error handling
    _pwrun.p : OpenEdge added extra checks here, CW version might need update
    _pwcreat.p : OpenEdge added return-inserted = true, CW version might need update

    _adeevnt.p : This one causes the RTB issues because it overrules the RTB version of _adeevnt.p
    It differs from OpenEdge by not setting CURRENT-WINDOW
    /* Mike Fechner, Consultingwerk Ltd. 18.12.2009
       Ignored - causes issues when no ABL windows are active */
    /*ASSIGN                           */

    The setting of current-window is also removed in the RTB version of the file.

    I guess the answer to my question is "very little impact", still posting because of _pwrun.p & _pwcreat.p

    I'll remove CW _adeevnt.p from RTB workspaces
  2. Mike Fechner
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    14 Sep 2016
    27 May 2020 in reply to Carl Verbiest
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    I would expect that this has impact on our embedded version of the Procedure Editor using in our tools. 

    So I cannot guarantee that those will still work properly.
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