BE with Multiple Table

BE with Multiple Table

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  1. Roger Blanchard
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    29 Jun 2018
    24 Aug 2023
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    I have a BE with two tables (table a and table b) that are joined. It is a one to one relationship.

    I want to update both tables on the same form.

    I have a BE Adapter with both tables. I then have a Child Adapter with the BE adapter as its source. 

    I have two viewers (viewer 1 updating table a and viewer 2 updating table b). Viewer 2 is setup with a LinkGroupAssign of Viewer 1.

    I can see the correct records in each viewer. I can update each viewer but the data from viewer 2 never gets saved in the DB.

    Should I be able to update two records from two tables like this at the same time?
1 posts, 0 answered