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FinPUG Challenge 2023

12 April 2023

Mike Fechner will be joining the annual event of the Finland Progress User Group on 12 April 2023.

FinPUG Challenge is an annual event of the Finland Progress User Group.

The program includes presentations by top experts to developers and users of OpenEdge applications.
The main topic is OpenEdge version 12 and "PASOE" (Progress Application Server for OpenEdge) - a
new application server that replaces the previous "Classic" server (AppServer and WebSpeed).
Another central topic is the development of modern Web and mobile user interfaces.


Mike Fechner will speak about:

PASOE WebHandler - the best invention since sliced bread

In this presentation we will introduce PASOE's WebHandlers - the most flexible method to handle HTTP requests in OpenEdge. We will provide an overview of the architecture of a web handler and provide practical coding samples based on real-world requirements.


Managing PASOE at runtime - an introduction into the oemanager


The oemanager web application is the replacement for tools like asbman and wtbman. In this session we'll introduce the oemanager and how to interact with it to achieve the same functionality of the management tools of the classic AppServer. We'll further introduce advanced features that provide a deep look into the state of a running PASOE instance. 


For more information please see the event site.