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PUG Challenge 2023 Europe

20 September 2023  - 22 September 2023

We are proud to be part of the 13th Annual PUG Challenge taking place 20-22 September 2023 in Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands.

We will deliver the following presentations at PUG Challenge 2023:


Daniel van Doorn will present:


Logging: From Files to the Cloud, with No Code Changes

This session describes the ABL logging classes – what they are and how to use and customize them – and how they can be used in your application, including anonymisation of messages and writing to cloud-based services, such as Kafka queues.

PASOE Web Handler – the best thing since sliced bread
In this presentation we will introduce PASOE’s WebHandlers – the most flexible method to handle HTTP requests in OpenEdge.




Lutz Fechner will talk about:


Implementing and using the Decorator design pattern in your application
This session will show what the Decorator pattern is; when and why to use it; and any gotchas when implementing this pattern.

Using the Factory pattern: how, when and why
The Factory pattern and its relatives provide a way in which application infrastructure or frameworks can guarantee that a developer gets what they are asking for. This session will cover the patterns themselves, how to implement them, and why you would want to (and not).



Mike Fechner will speak about:


ABL legacy code refactoring – patterns and strategies
Looking at that old GUI or Character application you’ve been working on in the last decades? Wondering what you can do with it to migrate it to the web or modern desktop UI? Business Logic mixed in UI triggers? Validation sprinkled with user interaction?

Mysteries of ProDataset and Temp-Table parameters

Temp-Tables and ProDatasets are a key construct of many ABL applications – with or without the Progress AppServer.

Using .NET core with OpenEdge
In this presentation Mike Fechner introduces the ability to use .NET Core from OpenEdge – a new feature released with OpenEdge 12.7. The presentations provides and overview of .NET Core and how it differentiates from previous .NET Integrations in OpenEdge.


In his workshops Mike Fechner and Daniel van Doorn will show:


Using the ABL HTTP client for fun & profit 
Most applications integrate with external systems, internal and external to the business. More and more of these use HTTP rather than something like SOAP to communicate. The ABL’s HTTP client has been available since OpenEdge release 11.5 and provides an easy way to make requests to these systems using standard HTTP.


This workshop will give attendees an understanding of how to use the HTTP client for a variety of requests, using various standard data types such as JSON and XML, but also more exotic types like multipart or MTOM messages.

It will show attendees how to build and make requests and how to process the responses.


This workshop will also focus on making secure requests, at an API level (using login credentials, cookies and/or headers) as well at the network level using TLS/HTTPS. Troubleshooting and customizing the HTTP client will also be covered.

Great power and great responsibility: writing web handlers
Web handlers have been available in PASOE since 11.6.0 and are an easy – for the ABL programmer – way of adding a REST API to an application. Web handlers give programmers many options, but they also require that the ABL code deal with most aspects of the request and response, including conversion from “HTTP” to “ABL” (or even “4GL” if you’re that way inclined) and back again. An application may have one web handler per business service, or just one for the application, or something in between.

This workshop discusses how to decide on approaches for how many web handlers your application needs, how to write a web handler – covering content types, strategies for error handling and status codes, routing requests and more – and also covers topics like deployment and authorization.


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