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PUG Challenge 2023 Americas

12 November 2023  - 15 November 2023

The PUG Challenge Americas will take place November, 12-15, 2023 in the Boston Marriott Burlington in Burlington, Massachusetts. We are honored to participate as gold sponsor.


We are thrilled to announce our participation in the PUG Challenge Americas, scheduled to take place in Burlington this coming November.


As a Gold Sponsor, we are delighted to be part of this exceptional assembly of OpenEdge enthusiasts, and we invite you to join us.


PUG Challenge 2023 promises an unforgettable experience, offering a platform for OpenEdge enthusiasts to explore, learn, and network. This is your chance to dive deep into the world of OpenEdge technology, expand your horizons, and connect with like-minded professionals.


We're excited to announce that we'll be hosting 8 sessions during PUG Challenge Americas in Burlington.


These sessions are designed to provide valuable resources to enhance your OpenEdge knowledge.



Peter Jugde will speak about:


Using the Factory Pattern: How, When & Why

The Factory pattern and its relatives provide a way in which application infrastructure or frameworks can guarantee that a developer gets what they are asking for. This session will cover the patterns themselves, how to implement them, and why you would want to (and not).


Implementing and using the Decorator design pattern in your application

This session will show what the Decorator pattern is; when and why to use it; and any gotchas when implementing this pattern.

PASOE Web Handler – the best thing since sliced bread

In this presentation we will introduce PASOE's WebHandlers - the most flexible method to handle HTTP requests in OpenEdge.


Logging: From Files to the Cloud, with No Code Changes

This session describes the ABL logging classes – what they are and how to use and customize them – and how they can be used in your application, including anonymisation of messages and writing to cloud-based services, such as Kafka queues.



Mike Fechner will present:

The SmartComponent Library – rapid application development and modernization for OpenEdge applications
The SmartComponent Library is the full stack modernization framework for OpenEdge applications. The framework supports rapid application development as well as migration of existing OpenEdge GUI or TTY applications. The framework features multiple user interface options, a future proof and standards based application backend and powerful application framework functionality – deployed on premise or in the cloud. The framework is used by teams of virtually any size. This presentation will give developers, architects and product managers responsible for maintenance and development of OpenEdge applications an overview of the framework and highlight the web user interface and the modernization tooling provided with the framework.

Using .NET core with OpenEdge
In this presentation we’ll demo some typical legacy application scenarios we have ran into during customer application migration projects and the techniques we have provided to our clients to overcome modernization obstacles.

ABL Legacy Code Refactoring – Patterns and Strategies
Looking at that old GUI or Character application you’ve been working on in the last decades? Wondering what you can do with it to migrate it to the web or modern desktop UI? Business Logic mixed in UI triggers? Validation sprinkled with user interaction?

Mysteries of ProDataset and Temp-Table parameters

Temp-Tables and ProDatasets are a key construct of many ABL applications – with or without the Progress AppServer.

Mike Fechner

Mike Fechner, lead modernization architect at Consultingwerk started using Progress over 30 years ago and ever since has supported Progress Application Partners and end customers in adopting the features of the latest OpenEdge and Progress releases to enhance the capabilities of existing applications. With his framework design skills he has set the stage for development of many successful OpenEdge applications.

Mike is specialized on object orientation in the ABL, software architectures, the GUI for .NET, web technologies and a wide range of Progress products such as OpenEdge, Telerik and Corticon. He is involved in software modernization projects on a day by day basis.

He is a well-known and active member of the international OpenEdge community, frequent presenter at conferences around the world and is a board member of the German PUG and founder of the committee of the EMEA PUG Challenge. He’s also a founding member of the Common Component Specification project.

Peter Judge

Peter Judge is a software architect at Consultingwerk, and has been working with Progress since 1996.Over the years, he has gone from writing reports, to building customer applications, to writing frameworks, to designing and building libraries, and generally makes stuff work together. Peter's background is in application and application toolkit design and development, and more recently has worked on server and integration technologies, but his interests span the whole SDLC from design through to deployment, regardless of language and technology.

Peter is a frequent poster to various forums, a regular speaker at conferences and user groups, and believes that we only grow individually if we all grow together.


We're eager to connect with you in Burlington this November and share our expertise. We look forward to seeing you there! For more information please check the event page: