Webinar: ABL Logging: From Files to the Cloud, with No Code Changes

Webinar: ABL Logging: From Files to the Cloud, with No Code Changes

18 May 2023

This webinar took place on 18 May 2023 at 15:00 BST / 16:00 CET with Peter Judge. Watch this on demand now!

We invite you watch our next webinar of this series of webinars held together with the UK & Ireland Progress user group.

Peter Judge speaks about ABL Logging.

Logging is arguably a programmer’s best friend, used for everything from debugging programs to finding out whodunnit. While powerful, excessive logging can cause systems to fill up disks, and potentially even slow down applications. System administrators are not fans of these consequences, nor do they appreciate making multiple deployments to turn logging on or off in various modules of the application.

This webinar discusses approaches to logging in OpenEdge that can help make admins and programmers happy, primarily using the ABL Logging component/library that was added in OpenEdge Release 11.7.0 . 

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Peter Judge

    Peter Judge is a software architect at Consultingwerk, and has been working with Progress since 1996.

    Over the years, he has gone from writing reports, to building customer applications, to writing frameworks, to designing and building libraries, and generally makes stuff work together. Peter's background is in application and application toolkit design and development, and more recently has worked on server and integration technologies, but his interests span the whole SDLC from design through to deployment, regardless of language and technology.

    Peter is a frequent poster to various forums, a regular speaker at conferences and user groups, and believes that we only grow individually if we all grow together.

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