Webinar: Discover new ABL features in OpenEdge 12.8

Webinar: Discover new ABL features in OpenEdge 12.8

29 February 2024

Discover the latest features and enhancements in OpenEdge version 12.8.

OpenEdge version 12.8 is not only a new release but also a new Long Term Supported (LTS) release. This means that it is full of features from not only 12.8 but also the Innovation releases from 12.3 to 12.7. This webinar covers features in ABL from 12.8 - such as dynamic buffer IMPORT and EXPORT - as well as new language features like the VAR statement, the compound assignment statements (eg += ), the AGGREGATE statement, and the safe navigation operator. And that’s not even including bult-in generic collections and support for .NET Core in both Windows AND Linux.

This webinar shows:

  • An overview of the favorite features available in the new LTS release.
  • Exciting enhancements introduced since Progress released version 12.2.
  • How to make the most of the cool things shipped with the latest release.
  • Ensuring that your favorite features haven't been overlooked.


Peter Judge

Peter Judge is a software architect at Consultingwerk, and has been working with Progress since 1996.Over the years, he has gone from writing reports, to building customer applications, to writing frameworks, to designing and building libraries, and generally makes stuff work together. Peter's background is in application and application toolkit design and development, and more recently has worked on server and integration technologies, but his interests span the whole SDLC from design through to deployment, regardless of language and technology.

Peter is a frequent poster to various forums, a regular speaker at conferences and user groups, and believes that we only grow individually if we all grow together.

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