SmartComponent Library Training

SmartComponent Library Training

22 January 2024 - 26 January 2024

Join the Live Online Training 22-26 January 2024 (Central European Time) with Daniel van Doorn and Mike Fechner!

During this 5 days training you will take a deep dive into the development of the Application Business Logic / Backend Components and the tools of the SmartComponent Library.

The training will provide an introduction into two frontend options: OpenEdge GUI for .NET frontend of the SmartComponent Library as well as RESTful services.  


  • Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge (basics)
  • OOABL (basics)
  • ProDatasets (understanding of concepts at least)
  • AppServer (basic understanding)

Day 1

  • Architectural Overview: The SmartComponent Library, the OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA) and the Common Component Specification (CCS)
  • Overview of the training environment, Tools, Progress Developer Studio Workspace, AppServer
  • Using the Business Entity Designer to build and test Business Entities
  • Overview of Internet Resources for the SmartComponent Library

Day 2

  • Developing Business Entities
  • Accessing Business Entities
  • Simple and Complex Validation
  • Using Dataset Model Classes
  • Strong Typed Queries
  • The Hidden Gems: The Util Helper Classes

Day 3

  • Complex Query Scenarios
  • Command line tools: Scaffolding and Static Names Generator

Day 4

  • Business Tasks and Invokable Methods
  • Object Serialization Options
  • Building RESTful Services
  • Testing RESTful Services using PASOE
  • Logging Options
  • Command line tools: Trimming and monitoring the PASOE

Day 5

  • GUI for .NET Applications Development
  • Generating GUI for .NET Application with the SmartComponent Library
  • Building Complex screens


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Daniel van Doorn

Daniël van Doorn is a Senior Consultant at Consultingwerk. He has over 25 years of experience with implementation and deployment of OpenEdge applications on Windows / Linux and more exotic platforms.

Since the beginning of 2018 Daniel has been working in a team of experts at Consultingwerk, helping our customers to build, test, deliver and deploy their solutions, reliable and automatic.

Mike Fechner

Mike Fechner, lead modernization architect at Consultingwerk started using Progress over 30 years ago and ever since has supported Progress Application Partners and end customers in adopting the features of the latest OpenEdge and Progress releases to enhance the capabilities of existing applications. With his framework design skills he has set the stage for development of many successful OpenEdge applications.

Mike is specialized on object orientation in the ABL, software architectures, the GUI for .NET, web technologies and a wide range of Progress products such as OpenEdge, Telerik and Corticon. He is involved in software modernization projects on a day by day basis.

He is a well-known and active member of the international OpenEdge community, frequent presenter at conferences around the world and is a board member of the German PUG and founder of the committee of the EMEA PUG Challenge. He’s also a founding member of the Common Component Specification project.

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