PUG France

PUG France

22 June 2023

Daniel van Doorn will be representing Consultingwerk at the PUG France on 22 June 2023 in Nantes.

The next PUG France event will take place on 22 June 2023 at the premises of the company Vif near Nantes!


Daniel will speak about PASOE Web Handlers – the best thing since sliced bread.

In this presentation, we will introduce PASOE's WebHandlers - the most flexible method to handle HTTP requests in OpenEdge. We will provide an overview of the architecture of a web handler and provide practical coding samples based on real-world requirements.


Also Daniel will talk about the Understanding and detecting memory leaks in AppServer applications.

Daniel van Doorn

Daniel van Doorn, Senior Consultant

    Daniel is a senior consultant at Consultingwerk, who has experience with OpenEdge since 1997 when he started with version 7. His interests have always been the challenges with a more technical focus with a sharp eye for new technologies and the chances those can offer.

    Since 1997 Daniel has worked in different roles varying from Development to Operations. Therefor he is able to act while focussing both on the needs of the developers as on the needs of the Operations.

    The last decade, his primary area of interest has become DevOps. Assuring a streamlined process for development, build, delivery and deployment of OpenEdge related software and implementing feedback loops for pro-active problem solving and making sure every delivery is transparent and results in provable/traceable software.

    Currently Daniel fulfils the role of PO DevOps in a DevOps team on one of our largest projects.


Check the PUG France event site for more information!