PUG UK & Ireland Summer Conference

PUG UK & Ireland Summer Conference

15 June 2023

Join us at this conference on 15 June 2023 in Manchester!

Mike Fechner will present about:


Implementing Office 365 authentication for OpenEdge GUI applications


In this presentation we’ll be demonstrating how Office 365 or other OAuth2 authentication providers can be used to replace the login dialog in an OpenEdge GUI application. We’ll be implementing CefSharp to show the Office 365 login window and fetch the user credentials from the login response which can be used in the OpenEdge application.


We’ll be introducing OAuth2 basics such as JWT Tokens and also demonstrate the use of client-principals in the application.



The SmartComponent Library

The SmartComponent Library is the full stack modernization framework for OpenEdge applications. In this presentation we will give an overview of the framework and highlight the web user interface and some of the modernization tooling provided with the framework.

Mike Fechner

Mike Fechner, Director

    Mike Fechner, lead modernization architect at Consultingwerk started using Progress over 30 years ago and ever since has supported Progress Application Partners and end customers in adopting the features of the latest OpenEdge and Progress releases to enhance the capabilities of existing applications. With his framework design skills he has set the stage for development of many successful OpenEdge applications.

    Mike is specialized on object orientation in the ABL, software architectures, the GUI for .NET, web technologies and a wide range of Progress products such as OpenEdge, Telerik and Corticon. He is involved in software modernization projects on a day by day basis.

    He is a well-known and active member of the international OpenEdge community, frequent presenter at conferences around the world and is a board member of the German PUG and founder of the committee of the EMEA PUG Challenge. He’s also a founding member of the Common Component Specification project.


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