PUG UK & Ireland Spring Conference 2018

25 April 2018

Consultingwerk was a proud sponsor of the Progress User Group UK & Ireland Conference on 25 April 2018 in Birmingham, UK.

As Gold Sponsor we supported the Progress User Group UK & Ireland Conference with the following presentation and workshop:

Unit Testing
Mike Fechner, CEO, Consultingwerk

Unit test tooling is available to any ABL developer. In this session, we'll be starting with the basic principles of unit tests and discuss also best practices and challenges of writing unit tests. We'll be talking about concepts for developing testable code, mocking of dependencies (e.g. code and data) and tooling such as Progress Developer Studio, ANT and Continuous Integration servers. We'll also be demonstrating how to get insight into test coverage as there are only two kinds of people that know their test coverage: Those that don't use unit tests at all and those that use tools to track the test coverage.

REST API Documentation using Swagger
Martyn Kemp, Consultant, Consultingwerk

Swagger, now commonly known as the OpenAPI specification, is a powerful definition format for describing and creating RESTful API's, which are easy to understand, readable and language agnostic. One of the major benefits is that we are able to provide a clear and precise definition, ultimately assisting in the consumption and ease of developing from the specified API's.

European General Data Protection Regulation - How to master the challenge of Data Protection and Security?
James Palmer, Consultant, Consultingwerk

The need to ensure data privacy and security of your information and environment has never been greater. The session spans details from regulations to technical considerations of a secure environment. We will discuss database, server, and application security.

Modernisation by Example
Mike Fechner, CEO, Consultingwerk

In this workshop we will apply selected common techniques used to modernise OpenEdge applications. Our goal is to show, that no ABL legacy application is too old to be modernised.

We will present options for integrating existing ABL GUI applications into .NET screens to improve the attractivity of existing ABL GUI applications. In the second block we’ll be using two common patterns of existing OpenEdge applications - TTY style UPDATE EDITING statements and ADM2’s SmartDataObjects – to demonstrate migration of legacy code into Business Entities. 

Business Entities can be used with a wide variety of clients, such as Telerik Kendo UI, Kendo UI Builder, Angular or NativeScript. Business Entities should also be used as the starting point for modern Desktop applications. We’ll also discuss the common problem of managing application state or context when moving from a monolithic application towards a state free AppServer enabled backend.

In the practical part of the workshop we will use provided examples and work with copy and paste to harvest the existing business logic. The presenter will also demonstrate how tools can support or partly automate the analysis and harvesting of existing code during a modernisation. 

Participants will be able to work on the presented examples using prepared workshop machines in the Amazon EC2 cloud. Alternatively, participants can just follow the presenter and join the discussion.