FinPUG (Finland PUG 2019)

23 May 2019

FinPUG 2019 will take place from 23 - 25 May 2019 in Helsinki/St. Petersburg.

Consultingwerk will take part in Finland with Mike Fechner presenting:

Patterns for migrating fat client GUI applications to stateless, n-tier, web-enabled applications

Got that old ABL fat client GUI (or TTY) application? 
Considering moving to an n-tier architecture? Progress web client or browser based? In this presentation we’ll introduce patterns for solving common challenges like application state, record validation, transactions, input blocking etc.

OO Design Patterns for OpenEdge

The essential idea of a design pattern is that it is a formal statement of a common problem along with any conditions and a statement of a solution to the problem. It is not a specific piece of code, but rather the guidelines or recipe for how one can solve the problem. Much as one seeks in OO design to abstract the invariant.

More information can be seen here.