PUG UK & Ireland Conference

10 April 2019

The PUG UK & Ireland Conference will take place on 10 April 2019.

We are proud to be part of the PUG UK & Ireland Conference 2019 in Birmingham, UK.

Mike Fechner will be speaking about Patterns for Migrating Fat Client OpenEdge GUI to Web Applications. Got that old ABL fat client GUI (or TTY) application? 
Considering moving to an n-tier architecture? Progress web client or browser based? In this presentation we’ll introduce patterns for solving common challenges like application state, record validation, transactions, input blocking etc.

Please also join our SmartComponent Library Session: The OpenEdge Modernisation Framework

Consultingwerk demonstrates new and well-known features of the SmartComponent Library framework used by over 30 OpenEdge partners and end-customers already. Our tooling simplifies the development of a state of the art Angular Web Frontend, a NativeScript based Mobile Frontend and a Desktop client – all based on top of a single application and framework backend. Recent features include RESTful and HATEOAS interfaces and the integration with an ERD Designer to boost developer productivity even further. We’ll also be demonstrating work in progress such as the integration of the most advanced query engine available for OpenEdge

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