Progress Workshop in Hamburg

08 April 2019

Progress organizes a Modernization Workshop in Hamburg on 8 April 2019. Consultingwerk will showcase modernization projects with OpenEdge. Don´t miss this!

Mike Fechner, Director from Consultingwerk together with Mike Liewehr, Director from Akioma will showcase modernization projects with OpenEdge

The combination of the SWAT (Akioma) and SmartComponent Library (Consultingwerk) frameworks is now being used successfully in several modernization projects. The aim of these projects is to achieve the following:

- To transform more complex applications into a modern architecture that is easy and inexpensive to maintain and easy to expand
- To implement a modern Web UI, which is functionally similar to a desktop UI and additionally uses the advantages of the Web.

We show you:
- How solutions will look like - what is possible.
- Why backend architecture is so important.
- What methods, tools and organizational settings have proven successful.
- How I can approach a cost estimate for a project like this.