SmartComponent Library Training

26 November 2018

Join us from 26 - 30 November 2018 in Rotterdam and learn everything about the SmartComponent Library.

During this training we will give you a deep dive into the Development of the Application Business Logic / Backend Components and the tools of the SmartComponent Library. The training will provide an introduction into three frontend options: OpenEdge GUI for .NET, Kendo UI Builder and the Angular web frontend of the SmartComponent Library as well as RESTful services.


  • Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge (basics)
  • OOABL (basics)
  • ProDatasets (understanding of concepts at least)
  • AppServer (basic understanding)

Day 1

  • Architectural Overview: The SmartComponent Library, the OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA) and the Common Component Specification (CCS)
  • Overview of the training environment, Tools, Progress Developer Studio Workspace, AppServer
  • Using the Business Entity Designer to build and test Business Entities
  • Overview of Internet Resources for the SmartComponent Library

Day 2

  • Developing Business Entities
  • Accessing Business Entities
  • Simple and Complex Validation
  • Using Dataset Model Classes
  • Strong Typed Queries
  • The Hidden Gems: The Util Helper Classes

Day 3

  • Complex Query Scenarios
  • Command line tools: Scaffolding and Static Names Generator
  • GUI for .NET Application Development
  • Generating GUI for .NET Applications with the SmartComponent Library
  • Building Complex Screens

Day 4

  • Business Tasks and Invokable Methods
  • Object Serialization Options
  • Building RESTful Services
  • Testing RESTful Services using PASOE
  • Logging Options
  • Command line tools: Trimming and monitoring the PASOE

Day 5

  • Using Kendo UI Builder as a Frontend
  • Using the SmartComponent Library Angular Web Frontend
  • Overview Mobile Development with the SmartComponent Library and NativeScript

For more information, contact us! For more information, contact us!